Summer @ Your Library


The Simi Valley Public Library proudly offers Summer @ Your Library (S@YL), a seven-week incentive program to encourage youth, teens, and adults to enjoy books and audiobooks from June 11 –  July 27.  Studies show that adults those who read and listen to books actually improve brain function and youth don’t suffer from the academic ‘Summer Slide’.

This year’s theme is Reading by Design!  Readers and library lovers of all ages can register online, or you can stop by at the library and a staff member or a S@YL volunteer will assist you with signing up online.

Did you know?!  Audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, or listening to someone read aloud all count for reading time.

Youth (ages 0 - 12)

During the seven weeks of S@YL come to the library and participate in programs, special performances, or just cool off and have fun. Check out lots of books and audiobooks, and keep reading all summer! 

When registering for S@YL, ages 0-3 will receive:

  1. Early learning fun log for parents/caregivers to use all summer
  2. Prize for registering

Little ones and their parents/caregivers receive the one prize for the summer when they register. Come in to enjoy storytimes, fun programs, and experience many books together, both at home and in the library throughout the summer!

When registering for S@YL, ages 3-12 will receive:

  1. A prize for registering at any time during the summer, while supplies last
  2. A reading log to keep track of time spent reading for Weekly Prizes  
  3. Optional book annotation forms and book illustration forms will be available for those who want to be eligible for Grand Prize and Super Reader Prizes! To be eligible, at least 2 annotations OR 2 illustrations need to be submitted. The top 8 readers with the most points earned will be designated Grand Prize Winners.  The next 29 high point earners will be designated as Super Reader winners. 

Readers ages 3 – 12 will use their reading log to track reading, and 1 point will be given for every 2 hours or reading per week.  Bring your reading log to the S@YL table in the children’s room each week (after reading at least 2 hours). Volunteers will record your progress and give you that week’s prize. Weekly prizes will be given to those who earn at least 1 point each week.  

Additional points can be earned by completing grade-level appropriate book annotations (written description of the book) and book illustrations.  

1 point for every 2 hours read

1 point for every book illustration    

3 points for every book annotation

NOTE: since book annotations and illustrations count towards the grand and super reader prizes, bring them to the library anytime between June 19th & July 30. Turn them in at the S@YL table in the children’s room.

During Weeks 1 – 6:  Points will be tallied at the end of Week 6 on July 30.   The highest point winners who have submitted at least 2 annotations or illustrations will be Grand Prize winners.  The next highest point winners who have submitted at least 2 annotations or illustrations will be Super Reader winners.  Winners will be announced at the S@YL final show on August 1 at 11:00 AM.  Parents of winners will be notified ahead of time by phone or email.

During Week 7:  All readers still have the opportunity to get a prize for 2 hours of reading during Week 7. The last day to bring your log to the library for a reading prize is August 4th.

Teens (ages 13 – 18)

Earn drawing tickets and prizes! There are three ways to earn tickets:

1. Keeping a Reading Log

After registering, Teens have the option of printing out their reading record at home from the Library’s website, or picking up a copy in the library – at the Summer @ Your Library (S@YL) table in the Youth’s Room.

For each 15 minutes read, mark off a small square. For each hour read, bring your record into the library any time during open hours and receive a raffle ticket, from volunteers at the S@YL table in the Children’s Room, for the grand prize. Put your name and phone number on it and drop in a special container at the S@YL table. 

NOTE: After reading 5 hours and then again after 10 hours, each participant will receive a small prize in addition to a ticket to enter drawing. Show your log to the volunteers at the S@YL table in the children’s room to claim your prize. Maximum of two prizes per person.

In addition, there are bonus reading records available on the website and at the library for those who wish to continue their reading hours. Each additional hour gets you one more ticket for the grand prize!

2. Attending Teen Programs

Additional grand prize tickets can be earned by attending teen programs. At the conclusion of each program, receive a ticket from the staff member at the program. Put your name and phone number on it and drop in a special container at the S@YL table. For the complete list of teen programming, visit the library’s website.

3. Writing Book Reviews

Tickets can also be earned by writing book reviews. Blank forms can be picked up at the S@YL table or downloaded from the library’s website. Fill out and return them to the S@YL volunteers to receive a ticket. Put your name and phone number on it and drop in a special container at the S@YL table. Reviews will be displayed in the Teen Lounge so other teens see your reviews. 

The more you read, the more programs you attend, and the more books you review, the better chance you have to win a prize!

To be eligible for prizes, all tickets must be turned in to the S@YL table by 7:00pm on August 3. Prizes will be given out at the final Summer @ Your Library Party for teens on August 3, 2017 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

Adults (ages 18 and above)

Register for S@YL online or come in to the library, and a S@YL volunteer will help you register online.  

After registering, read, listen, or watch whatever materials you enjoy. Write reviews, and drop them in the box at the Information Desk to be entered in drawings for prizes throughout the summer. Winners will be contacted and may claim prizes at the Information Desk.

There are a wealth of activities for everyone and every age at the Library.  Please check our website calendar or pick up a flyer at the library for a schedule of events.