Summer @ Your Library and Passport Frequently Asked Questions

A: The two main parts of the joint program are:

a) June 11- July 27. The Summer Library Program is included in the passport.  Pick up a passport at one of the three locations.  Register online and keep track of your reading on the reading log in the center of the passport.  Pick up your reading prizes at the Library between June 11 and July 27.

b) June 11 – August 18.  The complete Passport program  extends through August 18.  Library events, RSRPD events, and other community events and locations are listed in the passport. Gather points for attending events and visiting locations.  Each point earned gives you more opportunities to win passport drawing prizes!  You can earn points by attending events and visiting locations listed in your passport from June 11 – August 18. Turn in your passport by August 24, and you will be entered into drawing for prizes based on the number of points (passport stickers) you’ve gathered through the summer. Winners will be notified by September 21.

A: You can pick up a passport and turn in a completed passport at one of the following three locations:

  1. Simi Valley Public Library (2969 Tapo Canyon Road)
  2. Rancho Simi Recreation & Park Activity Center (4201 Guardian Street)
  3. Rancho Santa Susana Community Center (5005-C East Los Angeles Avenue).   

A: Passports are available June 11. Registration is required to participate and can be done online beginning June 1st. Library staff and volunteers can assist you with signing up at the library beginning June 11th. 

A:  While registering does not automatically give you a prize, it is what makes you eligible to earn points for visiting passport events and locations.  You earn one point for each passport event or location. For the reading log, you earn a prize for every 5 items you read  - up to 4 prizes (see center page of Passport). 

A: Residents and visitors, ages 4+ can enjoy the summer programs. Children under three years of age and under participate differently: rather than using a passport, their parents/caregivers will receive an early learning log of activities to do together during the summer.  Pick up this activity page at the Library starting June 11.

A: Prizes are earned in two different ways:

1. Reading prizes are available at the Library June 11 – July 27. Ages 4+ earn 1 prize for every 5 materials read (up to 4 prizes).  Books, e-books, audiobooks, e-audiobooks, and magazines/newspapers all count as reading!  Enjoy at least two different types of items (books, e-books, magazines, etc.) for each group of 5 titles. You can pick up prizes at the Library when you reach the 5, 10, 15, and 20 marks. The reading log is at the center of the passport.  

2. Passport prize points can be earned all the way through August 18 --  to be entered into drawings for wonderful prizes donated by our summer sponsors, listed below.  The more stamps collected in your passport, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win a prize. Drawing winners will be notified by September 21.

Three sections of passport drawing prizes are:

  1. “It’s a Date!”  These are calendar items that you can visit for free and get a stamp.
  2. “I Spy Simi Valley’s Hidden Treasures”  Visit any of these free locations and simply write in the answer to the question. No stamp is needed: your correct answer will count as a point!
  3. “Spice it Up!” These locations require an admission fee or other cost. No stamp is needed: your purchase or admission receipt, attached to your passport, will earn you a point. While we encourage you to visit these places often, only one receipt per location will earn you a point.  Passport drawing prizes have been generously donated by these sponsors:

99.1 The Ranch

Color Mi Vino

Harley’s Bowl



Lazertag Extreme

Rockin’ Kids

Scooter’s Jungle

Simi Hills Golf Course

Simi Valley Cultural Arts Center

Sinaloa Golf Course


Studio Movie Grill

SV Batting Cage

Reading Prizes: Prizes are based on reading rather than a weekly schedule. Keep track of your reading using the reading log which is in the center of passport. When you’ve completed a box of 5 items, you are eligible for a prize (up to 4 prizes). Bring your passport to the Library, with your reading log inside, to claim your reading prize. Reading prizes are available at the Library June 11 – July 27.

Passport Prizes: You obtain Passport stamps at event locations. You can earn points throughout the summer, until August 18. There is no need to do a weekly check-in to redeem prizes. All points earned on your passport will be tallied up when you bring your passport to one of the three locations (listed below) for final count BY AUGUST 24. Be sure to be registered for this program BY JULY 27 through the Library's website. Only those registered will be eligible for prizes. 

  1. Simi Valley Public Library (2969 Tapo Canyon Road)
  2. Rancho Simi Recreation & Park Activity Center (4201 Guardian Street)
  3. Rancho Santa Susana Community Center (5005-C East Los Angeles Avenue).


A: If you have written in the five titles and have circled the appropriate item types, you will get a prize.  Be sure to enjoy at least TWO types of items for every group of 5 titles. (For example, you could read three e-books and listen to two audiobooks.) A total of 4 prizes will be given (for 20 reading log entries).

A: Books, e-books, audiobooks, e-audiobooks, magazines, comics/graphic novels, and newspapers all count. Be sure to circle the correct ‘type’ of item underneath the line where your write the title of the item.

A: Yes! Children ages 0 months-3 years receive a prize when the activity sheet for that age group is completed. Pick up the activity sheet at the Library. Return the completed sheet to the Library to claim a prize by July 27.

A: Book reviews and illustrations are not part of the prize program this year, but we are always happy to hear your thoughts on the books you’ve read! 

A: The last day to register your passport is July 27.The last day to obtain a passport stamp is August 18. The last day to turn in your passport to be eligible for a prize is August 24, 2018. And your passport must have your first and last name on it when you turn it in. Please note that to be eligible for a passport prize, you need to register at the library or through the library's website by July 27.

Winners will be notified by September 21.

A: No, but you do have to be registered in order to be eligible to be entered into drawings for the passport.

A: No, but you do have to be registered in order to be eligible to receive prizes for points earned on your reading log.

A: You will need to bring your passport with you in order to get the passport stamped at events.  Points can only be validated with stamps provided by Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District or Simi Valley Public Library.

A:  We can provide a limited number of replacement passports.  Please note that since neither the Library nor RSRPD is keeping track of what you already did, you will need to start over in collecting stamps and, therefore, points toward prizes. However, the Library is keeping track of prizes given for reading log entries so you won’t need to start this part over.