Q: Why is the library closed at least until May 1st?
A: After careful consideration and taking into account advisories by Ventura County Emergency Services, the Governor of California, and our Federal Government it was determined that the Public Library, Senior Center, and Cultural Arts center should be closed out of an abundance of caution.

The Simi Valley City Council came to this decision in hopes to quell the spread of the virus COVID-19 and to help keep safe those that may be the most at risk. Local schools that are part of the Simi Valley Unified School District are also closed at this time. Ventura County has declared a State of Emergency in order to better prepare and adapt for this situation.

Q: What if I need to contact the library? Will I be able to contact the library while it's closed?

A:  While the library isn’t currently open to the public, and staff currently isn’t present in the building as per the directive of the Governor, we will still be able to answer your questions. If you have questions about our closure or regular questions about library operations, please go here.

Q: What if my books are due while the library is closed? Is there a way to return them?

A: All due dates for books have been adjusted during the time that we’re closed. All books that would have been due while we were closed are now due on May 1st. If you’re not able to return your books on that day, the Simi Valley Public Library did become fine free as of February of this year, meaning that you will not accrue late fines for being a few days late as long as our materials are returned.

During the time we are closed, book drops will not be available so please hold on to any library materials you have until the library returns to regular operation.

Q: What if I put an item on hold? What if it was already waiting on the hold shelf for me?
A:  All holds that were placed are being maintained for when the library reopens, as will your place in the holds queue. Once the library reopens we will be contacting you once your hold is ready to be picked up as normal.

If you already had a hold waiting for you on the hold shelf, it will be kept on the shelf and available as soon as we open as well. You will have ten days to pick up your hold from the day that we reopen to ensure that you have time to pick up your requested materials.

Q: Why does it say my hold is cancelled?
A: The ‘cancellation’ of holds was a necessity on the library’s end to ensure that the system maintained all of the holds that our patrons had placed and to make sure that holds were in the proper queue order once we reopen. Your hold isn’t truly cancelled, putting them in this status is simply the best way to freeze some of the automated systems managing library materials.
Q: What can I access while the library is closed?

A: All of our online materials are still available through the library’s website with your library card. This means that you can still check out e-books and digital audiobooks from CloudLibrary as well as e-books, audiobooks, and streaming video through Hoopla. During this time where social distancing is advised and it is the safest to stay isolated pass the time reading or listening to a new book, or starting a new show.

Also remember if you’re seeking news, the library has access to the New York Times, so you can access them without a subscription. Simply click here and hit redeem in order to get access. You will need to make a New York Times account in order to finalize access, but this will allow you to keep up-to-date with news about COVID-19 and more.

This is also a great time to learn something new! If you’re interested in learning a new language, or improving in a language you’re already learning, take a look at Rosetta Stone. If you’re hoping to learn a new skill, whether it be photography, coding, leadership skills, or finally conquering Excel, visit Lynda and browse through the many options to pass the time!

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