Census 2020

April 1st was Census Day, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to fill out the Census! If you’re ready to fill out the Census 2020 Questionnaire, visit here! Otherwise, read below to find out more information about how to fill out the Census:

What is the Census?
The Census is a count across the United States that occurs every ten years. It is an attempt to get an accurate account of all persons in the United States, and is mandated by the U.S Constitution under Article 2. Census data is very important, since these statistics will influence a lot of things in the next ten years such as federal funding; Census data guides how more than $675 billion in federal funding will be spent. ‘Census Day’ being April 1st is important because when answering, answer with what your current situation was as of April 1st!

Are my answers to the Census private?
Yes, all of your answers to the Census are confidential and the Census bureau is required to protect your information. All web data that’s submitted is encrypted to ensure your security and privacy and to prevent anything being able to identify your household. Further, your responses to the Census cannot be used against you by any court or government agency. For more information about what measures have been put in place to maintain your privacy and confidentiality, visit here.

Who should be filling out the Census questionnaire?
The questionnaire should be answered by the one who is renting or currently owns the home. It’s recommended that you select one person to act as a head of household to answer to avoid multiple people answering for the same household. There are certain measures to avoid repeated counting of the same household, but this helps minimize these possible miscounts.

How long does it take the answer the Census?
It is estimated that answering the questionnaire takes approximately ten minutes.

Will the results of the Census be published?
Yes, the Census Bureau will use responses to the census to formulate statistics that will be published but there won’t be any means of identifying individual responses.

Do I fill out the information of each household member on the Census questionnaire?
Yes, there is a section on the form to fill out the details of each member of your household.

For more information, please look at the timeline found here, or visit Census.gov.

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