Suggestion for Purchase

Here at Simi Valley Public Library suggestions are welcome for new items to be added to the collection. Set budgetary constraints and guidelines limit our ability to purchase all suggested items.

Academic-level, professional titles, or textbooks are not part of our general collection, therefore they will not be considered for purchase suggestions. 

Simi Valley Public Library has recently introduced Zip Books, a service that allows the shipment of suggested items directly to your home via Amazon! When you make a suggestion for the library to purchase, you may be informed that your item will be coming through Zip Books. The item will be mailed to you directly. After three weeks, you simply return the book to the library letting us know that it’s a Zip Book item; these books are then added directly to the library catalog so that others may check them out.

    Are you interested in using ZipBooks to have your suggestion delivered directly to your home?

    Is the address the library has connected to your library card up-to-date?

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