Circulation Policy


It is the policy of the City to establish loan periods and item limits for checking out items from the Simi Valley Public Library, establish fines for overdue items, and establish a process to request items located at another library.


Use of a Library Card

  1. Patrons must have their physical Library card with them in order to check out Library materials. Patrons are permitted to use digital apps which store Library account information.
    Loan Periods and Item Limits for the Simi Valley Public Library (Library)

  3. A total of up to 30 items may be checked out on one card, borrowed for a period of 21 days, and may be renewed up to three times. The following restrictions apply:
    1. Ten DVDs may be borrowed at a time per card holder, and may be renewed one (1) time.
    2. One video game may be borrowed at a time per card holder, and may be renewed one (1) time.
    3. Any item that is on hold for another patron cannot be renewed.


  4. Fees are established by the City Schedule of Service Charges. The City Council voted to discontinue fines for overdue materials.*

  6. The Library will send an almost overdue notice to patrons by email, text, or phone three days before an item is due. A reminder will be sent three days after an item is considered overdue. Overdue notices will be sent 14 days after the item is due. At 28 days after the item is due, items are considered lost, and patrons will receive a bill requesting the item be returned and fines paid or the cost of the item plus a processing fee, which is established in the Simi Valley Public Library Schedule of Service Charges. The Library uses a collection agency to recover lost materials with a value over $50. At 14 days following the second notice, the account may be referred to a collection agency, and a fee of $10 is added to the patron’s account.

  8. If an item is not available in the Simi Valley Library or is located at another library in the Inland Library Network (ILN), a patron may place a request for it. When it becomes available, it will be delivered to the Library. There is no charge for requesting an item. Some items may not be available to request.

  10. Patrons wishing to request items not available at the Library or through the Inland Library Network may ask for assistance to either:
    1. Make a suggestion for purchase: Suggestions for purchase will be considered based on availability, funding, and will be subject to the Materials Selection Policy.
    2. Request the item via interlibrary loan from another library system: Fees, if any, established by the owning library system will be charged to the patron.


    *[December 2, 2019 Policy Revised by Board of Trustees {Resolution No. PL-29}]
    [April 22, 2019 Policy revised by Board of Trustees]
    [June 3, 2013 Policy reviewed by Board of Trustees]
    [June 3, 2013 Policy adopted by Board of Trustees]

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