The World of da Vinci


The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library will be featuring a special exhibit The World of da Vinci until the 8th of September. This exhibit contains over three-dozen reconstructions of Leonardo da Vinci’s fantastic machines, with over a dozen that are built life size including his Great Continuous Organ, Mechanical Lion, and Great Kite. There are also many hands-on interactive stations where you can learn more about da Vinci’s inventions and art.

For more information about the exhibit and how to attend, visit The World of Da Vinci.

Dive Into da Vinci

Interested in the life and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci? Visit the library to dive into some of the fascinating history and complex inventions featured in the World of da Vinci exhibit. Look for any of the books featured below. Need help finding anything? Visit the Information Desk for assistance finding any items you might be seeking.

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