Registration Policy


It is the policy of the City that each Library patron must have a valid Simi Valley Public Library card to check out materials.


    1. To check out materials, each Library patron must have a valid Simi Valley Public Library card.


    1. Applications are available online or at the Simi Valley Public Library.


  1. Library cards are:
    1. Free for any resident of California with a picture ID and proof of current address. Proof of address can be established by providing any one of the following when applying for a card:
      1. California driver’s license
      2. California identification card
      3. Check imprinted with name and address
      4. Official mail (postmarked with current address)
      5. Current bill imprinted with name and address
      6. Current monthly rent receipt
      7. Tax payment receipt


    2. Library card registration is available to adults, teens, and children. Those under the age of 17 must have their parent or legal guardian’s signature to get a permanent card. Teens (those 12-17 years of age) who need to obtain a card but whose parents are not present may get a temporary, one-time use teen card to check out print materials only. To obtain a permanent card, a parent or legal guardian must sign the application.

  2. The following shall apply to the Confidentiality of Library Records:
      1. California State law (Government Code, Title I, Division 10, Part 1, Chapter 2, Section 7920.530) protects the confidentiality of Library patrons. Library staff will always operate in a manner that conforms to the requirements of the law in the handling of patron records and accounts. According to this statute, Library staff may not release information to any other party regarding any item borrowed by any other person, including information released to a parent or legal guardian regarding what items their child has checked out.


    1. If a patron wishes to share account information, items checked out, on hold or regarding fines and fees, with another person, they may do so by providing the Library with written notice authorizing the person access to the borrower’s account information. A borrower may authorize another party to pick up and check out materials by sending his or her Library card along with the written request or notice with the third party.



[April 22, 2019 Policy revised by Board of Trustees]
[May 6, 2013 Policy reviewed by Board of Trustees]
[May 6, 2013 Policy adopted by Board of Trustees]

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