Read, Renew, Repeat

Simi Valley Public Library is excited to bring you a summer full of activities, reading, and fun around the community! If you’re not familiar with our Summer Reading Program, this is a program that runs from June 8th to July 31st and is for all ages. You can expect performers and programs throughout the summer, with activities crafted for toddlers all the way up to adults. As you keep track of reading throughout the summer (either online or through a paper log) you’ll earn prizes and entry into drawings.

On June 8th we will begin our summer-long journey of renewing and recycling with a morning full of activities alongside our community partners! Our program this year all follows this theme of Read, Renew, Repeat so expect conservation, recycling, and renewal to be a big focus.

There are two different ways to record your reading through the summer! The first is to visit our Summer Reading website and sign up! You can have one account for the whole family and can swap between readers on the fly. This site lets you keep track of all of your reading and challenges during the summer. The other way to record your reading is with our reading log, a physical log that will allow you to keep track of everything without the need for a computer. These will be available in the library whether you sign up on location or you’re just stopping by.

Visit our calendar to see everything this summer has to offer.

Click the button to sign up for our program and jump into a summer of reading and activities!

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