Community Reads

The Simi Valley Public Library is happy to announce its second annual Community Reads! Sometimes also called ‘One Story One City’ or ‘One Book One City’, Community Reads are an opportunity for the community to come together around a singular book. That book can be fiction or non-fiction and while it can be about almost any subject, books are carefully chosen because of some significance; that significance can be because of a certain theme in the book, because of a strong connection to current events, or even a historical connection to the community for which the book is chosen.

The book that’s been chosen for our second Community Reads is Rising Strong, by Brené Brown. Rising Strong focuses on perseverance and resilience through hardship; Brown delves into the emotional stories of people who have worked to overcome setbacks in their lives through courage and drive. Rising Strong encourages readers not to simply push past adversity, but own it and accept it as part of who you are you press forward towards new challenges and triumphs.

How can I get a copy?

Discussion groups will be given 3 copies to share with your group.

Copies are also available at our library; you can call ahead at (805)-526-1735 to let us know that you’re interested in checking out a copy, or pick one up at the front desk. You can also borrow a copy digitally through CloudLibrary, or purchase a copy whether it be physical or digital via Amazon or Barnes & Noble

Our Community Reads will be from November 8th through December 11th, and copies of Rising Strong will be provided to community groups hoping to participate! The library will also be offering programming related to Rising Strong, including book discussions on December 5th and December 9th, as well as our finale event on December 11th! Our finale will have a station to make cards to thank frontline workers, and local therapists discussing the resources available to our community.

Are you hoping to be one of our discussion leaders, leading a discussion about Rising Strong for a group or organization in our community? Find out how you and your group can participate with our discussion leader commitment sheet.

Are you looking for a place to start your discussion? Try some of these discussion questions to get started. We’ve placed our logo next to questions we felt would lead to good discussions!

For questions about our Community Reads, please reach out to [email protected], or call (805)-526-1735.

Also, visit the author’s website for more information about Rising Strong, and other great stories that she’s written.

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